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Released 2009 on the Hjorthmusic label, Rock/Folk/Jazz.

Track listing:

1 Bad luck

2 Autumn is the time to fall

3 Think tank

4 Fjugils place

5 Party of one

6 Spell on me

7 Daves pharmacy

8 The middle of the road

9 Good intentions everywhere

10 The silent treatment

11 Thief

12 Connect

13 Your secret

14 Hot air blues

15 Love and war

16 Chicken shit bullshit

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Gunnar Hjorth: Think Tank


Cover of Mean mean machine

2007 Rock/Folk/Jazz

Track listing:

1 Mean mean machine

2 Sand

3 Mitt guld är svart

4 Where justice ends

5 Tired of being hated by you

6 Svart is

7 Fit for kings

8 The world

9 Alkohol

10 Safe and free

11 Nothing here for me

12 Vägra sitta still

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2005 Rock/Folk/Jazz, partly instrumental

Track listing:

1 Looking at myself

2 Tired of being hated by you

3 My present past

4 Justine time

5 Bygga med dig

6 Lite till

7 Getting near the end

8 Dear guitar

9 I'll be alright

10 The sitxth sense

11 Jag vill inte mer

12 Underbart ibland

13 Little words

14 Fiska sik på grannens tomt

15 Mer än jag tål

16 Where justice ends

17 To the rainbows end

18 Le mot dig

19 På väg

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Album cover

2005 Instrumental mood music, solo guitar

Track listing:

1 Ett hus på landet

2 Friska ben (Mirjams låt)

3 A private space

4 Utsikt från Great Malvern

5 A different place in my mind

6 Under de blå bergen

7 Vårbäcken

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